The Ultimate VAT Cure – VATPrompt

When I started using VATPrompt, VAT compliance became fun, easy, and efficient. Are you still submitting VAT reports manually? You won’t believe what you are missing out on.

If you have decided to go for automation then it is for your own good. If not, I will make it worth your while to change your mind.  Are you now asking yourself what could be so incredible about using a software to submit your VAT reports? Let me explain.

Younus is a good friend of mine who has started using a VAT management software in the last few months. One day he called excited about a software that takes care of all VAT compliance of his organization according to the rules of NBR. “You have to use it,” he said, “it has made my work so much easier.” “How does it work?” I asked.

Access from Anywhere

Younus continued, “The web-based platform allows you access from anywhere using both your mobile and desktop. You no longer have to rely on your office desktop for checking the transactions to generate your VAT reports.”

No Room for Error

As excited as my friend seemed, I decided to see things for myself. When I first saw the demonstration, I was very impressed by the simplistic design of the interface. I never realized that working can feel so soothing. Now here comes the best part, this is not just some software but a VAT Master which will not let you make any error in terms of making calculations, generating your required reports, and deducting VDS. This is such a relief as I no longer have to go through all the VAT books and worry about making an error that can cause an in-compliance or even cost me my job.

Save Time

From what I have personally witnessed, once you have seen a demo, there is no way you will want to return to your manual ways of submitting VAT reports. All the books that you have to keep around at all times and the constant hamper of having to check the data and transactions are in line with the reports are all done with VATPrompt with just a few clicks.

Let’s Make Work Easy

Experience a breakthrough in your work life and achieve maximum output with minimum effort. Get in touch with us now, and help each other make VAT easy with VATPrompt.  Let’s see a demo at, or have a talk 01784355555.