Automation of Ledger Keeping System of Titas by Technohaven

On 2006, Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Ltd. took an initiative to automate its domestic gas customers’ ledger keeping system through the selection of a consulting firm for design, development and implementation of the project, “Turnkey Supply, installation, Testing and Commissioning of Computer Hardware, Software and LAN for Domestic Gas Customers’ Ledger Keeping System including 3 years maintenance.”

Technohaven pioneered the 300 man-month project by providing all the key experts and using its knowledge and experience in IT innovation. Mr. Habibullah N. Karim, founder and CEO of Technohaven led the project ensuring all the components of the software are integrated in a completely seamless manner. Technohaven customized its billing system software for Titas which was keeping track of their sales and revenue collection manually using ledger books. The Revenue Management System developed on Oracle and Java by Technohaven allowed Titas to track their exact monthly sales of gas and collected revenue of its 3 million consumers. This mitigated many discrepancies within Titas and enabled it to achieve more transparency.   

The domestic customers’ ledger keeping system and generation of bills for metered domestic customers was implemented under a total number of 28 zonal and regional offices of which 7 are inside Dhaka City and 21 are outside Dhaka. After successfully completing the implementation Technohaven’s project support officers provided operational and maintenance support under an annual maintenance contract until 2016.